Cookie Policy

Cookies are a common internet application used to improve the user experience of our website. This policy provides information about the types of cookies used on our website and explains how cookies are controlled.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your web browser. These files allow our website to interact with visitors like you and provide a better user experience. Cookies store your preferences and settings by remembering the pages you visit.

2. Types of Cookies Used on Our Website

– Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the basic functionality of our website. For example, they perform functions such as storing your login information.

– Analytical and Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information about how our website is used and help us determine which areas need improvement. These cookies may include data such as visit numbers, page view numbers, and similar information.

– Functionality Cookies: These cookies allow us to remember specific features of our website and provide a more personalized experience for you. For example, they can be used to remember your preferences or store your language preference.

3. Controlling Cookies

You can control cookies through your web browser settings. Accepting or rejecting cookies depends on your browser preferences. However, disabling some cookies may cause certain features of our website to not work or affect the user experience.

4. Changes to Cookie Policy

This cookie policy may be updated from time to time. Any changes made will be published on this page and reflect the current date. In case of significant changes to the policy, users will be notified.

5. Contact

If you have any questions about our cookie policy, please contact us through [Help].

Please note that by using our website, you are deemed to accept this cookie policy.