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Kalymnos Night Picture

Unraveling Kalymnos


Embark on an extraordinary voyage to the captivating realm of Kalymnos, where a fusion of ancient sponge diving traditions, exhilarating climbing experiences, and newfound allure as a caving destination beckon. This mythical island, adorned with arid, rocky landscapes amidst sapphire blue seas, holds an irresistible charm that leaves visitors spellbound.

With its centuries-old hiking trails, sunken shipwrecks dotting the seabed, intriguing history, and a culinary heritage steeped in tradition, Kalymnos offers an authentic and exhilarating experience for explorers seeking the extraordinary. Proud and unyielding, this island of contrasts awaits your arrival, made possible through the availability of convenient ferry tickets to Kalymnos.

10 Enchanting Reasons to Explore Kalymnos:

  1. Meander through the narrow alleys of Pothia, the island’s capital, an amphitheater-like town nestled on the slopes of two hills. Marvel at its neoclassical mansions infused with Italian influences, imposing captain’s residences, and modest abodes of sponge divers.
  2. Unveil Kalymnos’ status as an international mecca for mountaineers and Europe’s premier rock-climbing destination. With over 70 climbing crags and an astounding 1300 routes catering to all skill levels, adventure awaits.
  3. Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Greek sponge fishing at the Maritime Museum of Kalymnos. Explore its exceptional collection of sponge-diving equipment, tools for sponge processing, nautical instruments, shipwreck artifacts, and a trove of photographs.
  4. Visit the awe-inspiring Cathedral of the Transfiguration (1861), dominating the Pothia seafront. Admire the exquisite marble icon screen, masterfully carved by the renowned sculptor Yannoulis Chalepas from the island of Tinos.
  5. Embark on a journey through time at the exceptional New Archaeological Museum in Pothia, housing artifacts from prehistoric to post-Byzantine periods. Its crown jewel is the bronze sculpture “Lady of Kalymnos,” a remarkable example of Hellenistic art recovered from the sea by a fisherman’s net in 1995.
  6. Unearth the remnants of the medieval Chrysocheria Castle (15th century), erected by the Knights of St. John, and discover the three stone windmills surrounding it.
  7. Indulge in a day trip to the enchanting island of Telendos, a mere 10-minute water taxi ride from Myrties. Be captivated by its pristine beaches, picturesque streets, and charming tavernas. Telendos also offers opportunities for hiking and diving enthusiasts.
  8. Immerse yourself in the annual Scandalopetra International Diving Festival and Games, an iconic event where professional divers and explorers unveil the secrets of Kalymnos’ mesmerizing underwater world. From thrilling free-diving demonstrations to underwater photography competitions and guided museum tours, this festival promises unforgettable experiences.
  9. Marvel at the sublime beauty of the Aegean’s most exquisite fjord, nestled within the verdant environs of Vathy. This elongated, narrow inlet with its turquoise waters and towering barren rocks concludes at Rina harbor, beyond which lies a fertile green valley teeming with mandarin and orange groves.
  10. Dedicate time to the Sanctuary of Apollo, the ancient island’s most revered place of worship, honoring Kalymnos’ patron and protector. Admire the temples of Apollo and Asclepius, the ancient theater, the assembly, and two early Christian churches dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries.

The Top 5 Beaches:

  1. Masouri: This beloved beach, embraced by crystal-clear blue waters, golden sand, and pebbles, enthralls both the young and the climbing enthusiasts. After conquering the surrounding crags, visitors can unwind in its vibrant beach bars that echo with music until the early hours of the morning.
  2. Kantouni: With its captivating views of the majestic mountains and the Monastery of the Holy Cross, Kantouni allures visitors with its sandy shore and serene blue-green waters. The atmosphere here is cosmopolitan, catering to the youthful spirit, as the beach bars remain open 24 hours a day.
  3. Platis Yialos: Nestled near Panormos, this renowned beach boasts black sands, translucent azure waters, and breathtaking sunsets. It has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the island’s most cherished coastal gems, making it a must-visit for those with ferry tickets to Kalymnos.
  4. Emporeios: This pebble beach, embraced by crystal-clear waters and adorned with magnificent plane trees, has become a beloved haven for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and water-skiing enthusiasts, thanks to its exposure to invigorating winds.
  5. Arginontas: Enclosed by lush trees and boasting round pebbles and vivid blue-green waters, Arginontas creates an enchanting, exotic landscape. Located 16.5 kilometers from Pothia, it offers seclusion and the amenities of an official tourist beach.

Don’t Depart Kalymnos Without…

  1. Visiting one of the sponge workshops lining the Pothia seafront, where the captivating process of sponge processing unfolds, offering a unique opportunity to purchase a cherished souvenir.
  2. Embracing the depths of the Aegean Sea with a diving lesson at one of the island’s certified diving centers.
  3. Reveling in the magnificent vistas of the Pothia Valley and the Aegean from the courtyard of Saint Savvas’s Church in Kalymnos Town.
  4. Embarking on an unforgettable journey along Kalymnos’ stunning hiking trails. The 4.5-kilometer path paved with small rocks, a testament to the Italian occupation, leads from Pothia to the lush Vathy valley, leaving an indelible mark on all who traverse its scenic route.
  5. Exploring the spellbinding Kefala Cave, known as the Cave of Zeus, which captivates visitors with its grand chambers adorned with colossal stalagmites and stalactites, stretching over 103 meters.
  6. Engaging in a day trip to the alluring island of Pserimos, reachable in just 50 minutes by boat from Pothia. Also known as Kapari due to the flourishing caper plants, Pserimos entices visitors with its stunning beaches and serene ambiance.
  7. Embarking on a mountain biking adventure from Masouri to Emporeios, following the coastal road that treats you to mesmerizing views of the sea and the neighboring island of Telendos.

Tantalizing Culinary Delights:

  1. Savor the local sweet Anama wine, an exquisite beverage that tantalizes the taste buds.
  2. Indulge in myrmizeli, a local salad comprising tomato and cheese served on a double-baked barley roll, capturing the island’s essence in every bite.
  3. Delight in mououri, a succulent dish of goat or lamb stuffed with rice and liver, slow-cooked in a wood-burning clay pot, showcasing the island’s culinary heritage.
  4. Sample dolmades (also known as fylla), chickpea fritters, and kapetanato (pork cooked in a clay potwith potatoes), each offering a burst of flavors and textures unique to Kalymnos.
  5. Relish in the smoky goodness of charcoal-grilled swordfish and the tantalizing combination of lobster linguine.
  6. Allow your taste buds to dance with the renowned spinialo, a fisherman’s delicacy featuring sea urchins, skate, and pinna preserved in seawater, served with onions and olive oil.
  7. Indulge your sweet tooth with gyristes, a local variation of doughnuts served with honey, and galaktoboureko, a delectable milk pie.
  8. Delight in the island’s bountiful seafood mezes, such as octopus balls, octopus stifado (a savory stew), octopus with macaroni, stuffed squid, sun-dried lobster tails, karnaki (skate and mayonnaise salad), Simi shrimp, and the renowned brined fish of Kalymnos.
  9. Accompany your mezes with eptazimo, a specially crafted bread kneaded seven times, infused with aniseed and ouzo, or indulge in double-baked barley rolls, featuring aniseed, mastic, and black sesame seeds.

With its captivating landscapes, thrilling activities, and an extraordinary culinary tapestry, Kalymnos invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey, immersing yourself in its unique charm and savoring every moment. Secure your ferry tickets to Kalymnos and let the island’s allure envelop you in a world of unparalleled exploration and gastronomic bliss. Click here for Kalymnos hotel reservations. Read more about Greece

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