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Sahl Hasheesh Sea Picture

Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt: Red Sea Resort Paradise

It is known for its luxury resorts and diving sites. 

Sahl Hasheesh was once a small fishing village, but it has grown into a major tourist destination in recent years. The town is located on a large bay, and it is home to some of the best diving sites in the world. The town is also known for its luxury resorts, which offer some of the best accommodations in Egypt.

Sahl Hasheesh is a great place to visit year-round. The town enjoys a temperate climate, and the beaches are always warm and inviting. The town is busiest during the winter when Europeans and North Americans escape the cold weather. However, the town is also popular during the summer, when the temperatures are a bit cooler.

If you’re looking for a great Egyptian resort town, be sure to check out Sahl Hasheesh. The town offers something for everyone, and it is home to some of the best diving sites in the world.

Places to go in Sahl Hasheesh.

Giftun Islands

Desert by Jeep

Hurghada Marina

Sindbad Submarine

Camel Ride into the Desert

Hurghada Aquarium

Beaches to visit.

El Sakia Beach

Orange Beach

El Sawaky Beach

Old Vic Beach

Merritt Beach

Mahmya Beach

Social Club Beach

Public Beach

Wild Beach

The Minister’s Beach


One of the best places where you can enjoy the nightlife is Old Town which is an entertainment hub. Old town has bars, cafes, cinemas, and most of the nightlife activities.

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