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Oludeniz: The Most Beautiful Beach in Turkey

Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful and photographed areas in Turkey. It is located in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province. Oludeniz is a Blue Lagoon which is a nature reserve and beach. It is a very popular tourist destination.Town is a bay on the Mediterranean Sea, located in the province of Muğla, southwestern Turkey. The lagoon is fed by the springs in the hills above and the water is extremely salty. The lagoon has a high rate of evaporation and is very alkaline. It was designated as a nature reserve in 1985. The beach is a popular destination for windsurfing, paragliding and sea kayaking. The closest airport is the Dalaman Airport.

Oludeniz  sunset

Butterfly Valley Beach

Butterfly Beach can only be reached from Oludeniz by boat

Butterfly Beach

Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz is a stunning bay, with a laid-back atmosphere

Blue Lagoon

St Nicholas Island

A stay in Oludeniz is not quite complete without a visit to the island named after St Nicholas? Santa Claus. 

St Nicholas Island

Places to visit in Oludeniz

Butterfly Valley: Located at the foot of Babadağ. You can visit the ecological agricultural farms of Butterfly Valley, where you can explore with nature walks. You can enjoy untouched natural beauties by staying in tents in tree houses and camping areas,

Ölüdeniz Beach: Known as the Blue Lagoon. Ölüdeniz Beach has a view worthy of its name with its calm sea that is always waveless,  ideal for families with children with its calm waters and fine sandy.

Saklıkent Canyon: Located only 52 kilometers from Ölüdeniz. Saklıkent Canyon is one of the largest its 18 kilometers long you can climb up to rocks to see beautiful views etc. 

Belcekiz Beach: The famous Belcekiz Beach, in Belcekiz you can have fun with parasailing, kite and windsurfing, canoeing, and diving activities. It’s very popular with quality bazaars, boutique hotels and restaurants you can do your shopping.

Oludeniz National Park: This draws attention with its untouched natural beauty. This national park was taken under protection in 1978 it has beautiful sand and pine forest around the beach which makes it unique.

Calis Beach: Home of sea turtles and home to more than 200 bird species in the nature park. You can have your dinner in front of this beautiful view at Calis Beach, which is also famous for its magnificent red sunsets.

One of the best paragliding spots in Turkey, you can watch Ölüdeniz from a bird’s eye view. 

Ölüdeniz from a bird's eye view. 

What to eat in Oludeniz

Bazlama flatbread toasts is famous in Oludeniz you should definitely try.

Bazlama flatbread toasts

Another breakfast alternative in Oludeniz. Full Turkish breakfast.

Full Turkish breakfast.

The best part of the day was dinner with steak in Oludeniz.

steak in Oludeniz.

Nightlife in Oludeniz

When you out night time you should visit Hisarönü Bar Street. There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs which is generally preferred by foreign tourists and young people.

Some of the well-known bar and clubs there as below: 


Timeout Club

Grand Boozey Club

Barrumba Club

Zombie Club

Heads or Tails Cocktail Bar

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