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Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay Egypt: Your Ultimate Guide to This Egyptian Paradise

Makadi Bay is a city located on the Red Sea in Egypt. The city is a popular tourist destination and is home to a number of resorts and hotels. The population of Makadi Bay is over 10,000. The most popular attraction in Makadi Bay is swimming, sunbathing, and windsurfing. 

The city has a number of hotels and resorts that offer a variety of accommodations. The most popular hotels in Makadi Bay are the Hilton Makadi Bay Resort, the Marriott Makadi Bay Resort, and the Sofitel Makadi Bay Palace. Quiet rest among the most beautiful views of the endless Red Sea.

Places to go in Makadi Bay.

Valley of the Kings

The temple of Queen Hatshepsut

The Karnak Miracle Temple 

Abu Simbel Temple

The seven wonders of the ancient world in Giza

Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square

The Khufu Pyramid

Discover the history of the Great Pyramid

Statue of the Great Sphinx

Beaches to visit.

El Sakia Beach

Orange Beach

El Sawaky Beach

Old Vic Beach

Merritt Beach

Mahmya Beach

Social Club Beach

Public Beach

Wild Beach

The Minister’s Beach

The nightlife in Makadi Bay is popular for its clubs and bars. The most popular clubs in Makadi Bay are the Catacombs and the Hurghada Night Club. The most popular bars in Makadi Bay are the Lighthouse and the Hard Rock Cafe.

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