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Beirut street view

A Land of History, Culture, and Adventure


Lebanon is a country located in the Middle East, and it is known for its diverse cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and stunning natural landscapes. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical sites, trying out local delicacies, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife, Lebanon has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best cities and towns to visit in Lebanon, what to see and do, where to eat and shop, and why you should consider adding Lebanon to your travel itinerary.

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon and it’s a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the country. Known as the “Paris of the Middle East,” Beirut boasts a fascinating mix of modern and traditional architecture, stunning beaches, and a lively nightlife scene. There are plenty of historical sites to explore in Beirut, including the National Museum of Beirut, the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, and the Beirut Souks.


If you’re looking for a more laid-back holiday, then the picturesque town of Byblos is the perfect destination. Located on the coast, Byblos is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and is home to a number of ancient ruins, including the Crusader Castle and the Roman Amphitheater. The town also offers a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars where you can sample traditional Lebanese cuisine and enjoy the stunning sea views.

town of Byblos

Another popular destination in Lebanon is the city of Tripoli, located in the north of the country. Known for its bustling souks, historical sites, and delicious street food, Tripoli is a great place to immerse yourself in Lebanese culture. Be sure to visit the ancient Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles and the Al-Mina Archaeological Site, and don’t forget to try some of the local specialties, such as kibbeh, a dish made with minced meat and bulgur wheat.

city of Tripoli

Lebanese cuisine is known for its bold flavors and diverse ingredients, and there are plenty of dishes to try during your stay. Some of the must-try dishes include hummus, a dip made from chickpeas and tahini; tabbouleh, a salad made with parsley, tomatoes, and bulgur wheat; and shawarma, a popular street food made with grilled meat, vegetables, and spices. You can find these dishes and more at local restaurants and cafes throughout Lebanon.

Lebanese cuisine

If you’re looking to do some shopping during your trip, then head to the Beirut Souks, which is home to a variety of high-end boutiques and shops selling everything from designer clothing to handmade crafts. For a more traditional shopping experience, check out the souks in Tripoli, where you can haggle for everything from spices to textiles.

When it comes to nightlife in Lebanon, Beirut is the place to be. The city boasts a thriving nightlife scene with a variety of bars, clubs, and pubs to suit every taste. Some of the most popular bars include Skybar, a rooftop bar with stunning views of the city; Music Hall, a live music venue that combines food and entertainment; and Alice, a cozy bar with a laid-back atmosphere.

No trip to Lebanon would be complete without visiting some of the country’s historical sites. From ancient ruins to Crusader castles, Lebanon is home to a wealth of historical landmarks that are sure to impress. Some of the top sites to visit include the Jeita Grotto, a series of underground caves; the ruins of the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek; and the Phoenician port city of Tyre.

Lebanon is a fascinating destination that offers something for everyone. From historical sites to delicious cuisine, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife, Lebanon has it all. So why not plan your next holiday for this?

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