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Kythnos island

Kythnos: Discover the Enchanting Secrets of the Cyclades


Welcome to Kythnos, the well-kept secret of the Cyclades, conveniently located just two hours away from Athens. This picturesque island, adorned with dry, barren hills, holds a captivating charm with its meandering coastline, revealing numerous enchanting coves and pristine beaches.

As you step foot on this unique destination, you’ll feel the echoes of a rich and difficult past through its folk culture. A testament to this are the 359 tiny whitewashed churches scattered throughout the island’s interior. These humble structures offer glimpses into the lives of the island’s inhabitants, reflecting their deep-rooted faith and resilience. In fact, Kythnos was once known as “Thermia,” a renowned spa destination due to its thermal springs.

Authentic and unpretentious, Kythnos is an ideal haven for those seeking an alternative holiday experience filled with authenticity. Immerse yourself in the artistic personality of this Cycladic gem and indulge in its unique gastronomic culture. To embark on this adventure, simply secure a ferry ticket to Kythnos and set off to explore the wonders that await you.

7 Reasons to Explore Kythnos

  1. Wander through the captivating mountain village of Dryopida, with its narrow winding streets, adorned with ancient fig trees and neoclassical buildings boasting tiled roofs. Take a moment to savor a cup of coffee in the main square and visit the beautiful churches nestled in the Galatas and Pera Rouga neighborhoods.
  2. Visit the historic Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Nikous, where legend has it that a miraculous icon of the Madonna was brought after the Fall of Constantinople. Although the icon is now held in Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, the monastery remains a symbol of faith and spirituality. Marvel at its exquisite architecture and bask in the mesmerizing sea view it offers.
  3. Indulge in the therapeutic waters of Loutra, the first modern spa in Greece, which opened its doors in 1857. Explore the remnants of the abandoned hotel and the marble baths once used by King Otto and Queen Amalia, both of which hold the status of protected cultural monuments.
  4. Explore the Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Kanala, an architectural masterpiece built in 1869. It is the oldest monastery on Kythnos and is dedicated to the island’s patron saint. Admire the intricate details of its design while reveling in the breathtaking sea views that surround it.
  5. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural festival, Kythnia, held every summer on the island. This celebration showcases a diverse range of Greek and international dance, music, and theater performances, making it an extraordinary event to experience. Additionally, the festival is known for hosting lively beach parties, adding a touch of excitement to your visit.
  6. Ascend to the legendary Castle of Oria, the former capital of Kythnos during the Venetian rule, and be rewarded with a majestic panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. The castle’s evocative ambiance is complemented by centuries-old murals and the presence of the Holy Trinity and Divine Mercy churches, two of the many structures that once graced this historical site.
  7. Delve into the depths of Katafiki Cave, a mesmerizing geological wonder adorned with intricate rock formations and magnificent stalactites. This cave, which served as a mine in the past and as a shelter during World War II, has also been a gathering place for the islanders, who celebrate Easter in its grand main chamber.

Top 5 Beaches of Kythnos

  1. Kolona: This mesmerizing beach is a photographer’s dream, with a strip of sand connecting Kythnos to the islet of Agios Loukas. The emerald waters surrounding it create two distinct beaches, offering a truly remarkable sight. Accessible by car along a dirt road or by sea, a visit to Kolona is a must when traveling to Kythnos.
  2. Apokrousi: Stretching along a beautiful bay, Apokrousi is one of the largest beaches on the island. Its sandy shores are shaded by tamarisk trees, and there’s a taverna nearby to satisfy your appetite.
  3. Holy Saviour: Located in the northern part of Kythnos, Holy Saviour is a tranquil and sheltered beach with a combination of sand and shingle. It takes its name from the nearby church and can be reached via a relatively good dirt road.
  4. Agios Dimitrios: As the southernmost beach of Kythnos, Agios Dimitrios showcases shingle shores, tamarisk trees, and delicate sand lilies. The nearby village shares the same name, offering a glimpse into the local way of life.
  5. Gaidouromantra: Nestled in the southeast of Kythnos, Gaidouromantra boasts an incredibly beautiful beach with pale golden sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Its remote location and access via a dirt road and steps provide an ideal setting for those seeking peace and seclusion.

Don’t Miss These Experiences in Kythnos

  1. Take a leisurely stroll through the labyrinthine cobbled streets of Kythnos Town (Mesaria). Dating back to the 17th century, this enchanting Aegean settlement is a treasure trove of vaulted passageways, whitewashed houses, churches, and windmills.
  2. Marvel at the Church of Saint Savvas in Kythnos Town, where the lintel above the entrance is adorned with the construction date (1613) and the coat of arms of the Gozzadini family, the Venetian rulers of the island.
  3. Immerse yourself in the island’s rich heritage at the Folklore Museum in Dryopida. Housed within a traditional dwelling, the museum exhibits local costumes, agricultural tools, textiles, etchings, and everyday items, providing insight into the island’s traditional way of life.
  4. Embark on a boat trip around Kythnos to uncover the hidden treasures along its rugged coastline. Prepare to be captivated by pristine beaches and turquoise seas reminiscent of an exotic paradise.
  5. Extend your exploration to the neighboring island of Agios Loukas, where ancient ruins, a charming church, and captivating caves await your discovery.
  6. Discover the 359 churches scattered throughout Kythnos, which serve as a testament to the islanders’ profound religious faith and the challenges of island life in the past.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds

During your visit to Kythnos, make sure to indulge in the island’s culinary delights:

  1. Savor the flavors of savoro, a delectable dish featuring fish marinated in a tangy sauce and fried to perfection.
  2. Sample the local sausage and syglino, a savory cured pork specialty that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.
  3. Don’t miss the opportunity to try local delicacies such as sfoungato (cheese croquettes), kolopi (spinach pie with cheese and rice), strapatsada (omelette with courgette and syglino), and pitaro (cheese pie). These dishes provide a true taste of Kythnos’ unique culinary heritage.
  4. Enhance your dining experience by pairing your meal with a glass of local red wine, known for its rich and distinctive character.
  5. Indulge your sweet tooth with traditional amygdalota (almond confection
  6. Treat yourself to the delightful combination of double-baked barley rolls topped with spicy kopanisti cheese, fresh tomatoes, and fragrant oregano, showcasing the island’s culinary creativity.

As you explore Kythnos, let yourself be swept away by its natural beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality. Whether you choose to wander through charming villages, relax on stunning beaches, or immerse yourself in the island’s cultural events, Kythnos promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing to return. So, pack your bags, secure your ferry ticket, and embark on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of Kythnos in the Cyclades. If would you like to see more Greece islands click here

Apokrousi ، قلعة Oria ، Dryopida ، Gaidouromantra ، جزيرة Agios Loukas ، Kolona ، Kythnia ، Kythnos ، Kythnos Town (Mesaria) ، دير العذراء مريم من Kanala ، العذراء مريم من نيكوس, Apokrousi, Château d’Oria, Dryopida, Gaidouromantra, île d’Agios Loukas, Kolona, Kythnia, Kythnos, Ville de Kythnos (Mesaria), Monastère de la Vierge Marie de Kanala, Vierge Marie de Nikous, Απόκρουσι, Κάστρο Ωριάς, Δρυοπίδα, Γαϊδουρομάντρα, Νήσος Άγιος Λουκάς, Κολώνα, Κύθνια, Κύθνος, Χώρα Κύθνου (Μεσαριά), Μονή Παναγίας Κανάλας, Παναγία Νίκου, Apokrousi, Castillo de Oria, Dryopida, Gaidouromantra, isla de Agios Loukas, Kolona, Kythnia, Kythnos, Ciudad de Kythnos (Mesaria), Monasterio de la Virgen María de Kanala, Virgen María de Nikous, Апоруси, Замок Ории, Дриопида, Гайдуромантра, остров Агиос-Лукас, Колона, Китния, Китнос, город Китнос (Месария), Монастырь Девы Марии Канала, Девы Марии Никусской,Apokrousi, Burg von Oria, Dryopida, Gaidouromantra, Insel Agios Lukas, Kolona, Kythnia, Kythnos, Kythnos-Stadt (Mesaria), Kloster der Jungfrau Maria von Kanala, Jungfrau Maria von Nikous, アポクロウシ、オーリア城、ドリオピダ、ガイドゥロマントラ、アギオス・ルカス島、コロナ、キトニア、キトノス、キトノスの町(メサリア)、カナラの聖母マリア修道院、ニコスの聖母マリア

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