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Picture of Kos

Exploring Kos: A Fusion of Tradition, History, and Natural Beauty

Kos sea view

Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates and a renowned healing center in ancient times, beckons travelers with its diverse blend of traditions and historical epochs, showcased through its architectural marvels and cultural heritage. Today, this cosmopolitan island effortlessly combines Greco-Roman beauty with the allure of the East, coexisting alongside medieval fortresses and the austere modernism of the Italian rule. With lush green hills cascading towards exotic beaches reminiscent of tropical paradises and a thriving cycling culture akin to European cities, Kos has become a favored destination for those seeking a holiday with a historical flair, vibrant nightlife, or a rejuvenating encounter with nature. Embark on a journey to Kos with a ferry ticket and unlock its secrets.

10 Compelling Reasons to Explore Kos:

  1. Delve into the Mesmerizing Tapestry of Kos Town: Discover a mesmerizing mosaic of cultures and epochs within Kos Town, adorned with significant archaeological sites, mosques, Turkish fountains, Venetian castles, neoclassical villas nestled amidst enchanting gardens, iconic buildings from the Italian rule, and swaying tropical palm trees. Don’t miss a visit to the central Eleftherias Square, a vibrant hub of activity.
  2. Uncover the Legacy of Hippocrates at the Asclepeion: Step into history and explore the renowned Asclepeion, the third-largest healing center of the ancient world, and delve into the Medical School of Hippocrates, the revered father of medicine. Nestled on verdant slopes, the archaeological site offers a breathtaking view of the Turkish coast.
  3. Marvel at the Medieval Fortress of Neratzia: Immerse yourself in the allure of the 14th-century Neratzia fortress, an architectural gem crafted by the Knights of St John. Dominating the eastern end of the harbor, the fortress offers panoramic vistas of the sea. Fascinatingly, it was constructed using materials sourced from the Asclepeion and the ancient city of Kos.
  4. Embrace the Cycling Culture: Explore Kos’s reputation as a cycling mecca, boasting a network of 15 kilometers of cycle paths and bicycle racks dotting the island. Consider embarking on an exhilarating circuit around the island, further enhanced by the convenience of well-placed bike racks.
  5. Discover the Enigmatic Abandoned Village of Palio Pyli: Ascend the forested slopes of Mount Dikeos and unearth the stone-built marvel that is the medieval village of Palio Pyli. Climb up to the 10th-11th century Byzantine castle, reminiscent of the famed fortified town of Mystras in the Peloponnese, and savor breathtaking views of Kos, the neighboring islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos, as well as Turkey. Adorned with splendid frescoes, the Church of Ypapanti adds to the allure of this historical site.
  6. Witness Majestic Sunsets from Zia: Indulge in the unparalleled beauty of a sunset from the mountain village of Zia, nestled on the highest slope of Mount Dikeos. Marvel at the panoramic views of Kalymnos, Pserimos, and the Turkish coast as the sun gracefully bids farewell to the day.
  7. Immerse Yourself in Ancient Treasures at the Archaeological Museum: Step inside the remarkable Archaeological Museum, housed within a listed building from the period of Italian rule (1935). This treasure trove of history showcases a plethora of archaeological finds spanning from the Classical to the Late Roman period. Admire significant sculptures and exquisite mosaics, including one depicting the arrival of Asclepius on Kos, captivating visitors from the very entrance.
  8. Revel in the Sea Views from Antimachia Castle: Stand atop the ramparts of the historic Antimachia Castle, erected by the Knights of St John in the 14th century, and be captivated by the magnificent vista of the sea stretching between Kos and Nisyros. Let the breathtaking surroundings transport you to a bygone era.
  9. Journey Through Roman Opulence at Casa Romana: Visit the superb Casa Romana, an opulent Roman villa dating back to the 3rd century AD, offering a glimpse into the grandeur and lavishness of Roman life in Kos. Admire the exquisite mosaic floors adorned with depictions of wild animals and sea creatures, alongside a myriad of other fascinating artifacts.
  10. Experience the Healing Powers of Therma: Take a dip in the thermal pool at Therma, a beach adorned with black volcanic pebbles and natural hot springs that warm the surrounding sea. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of nature and revel in the rejuvenating qualities of this unique seaside retreat.

The Top 5 Beaches of Kos:

  1. Kardamena: Bask in the glory of this three-kilometer-long beach boasting shallow blue waters, sand dunes, and cedar trees providing natural shade. The gentle sea breeze and the fragrance of cedar create an idyllic atmosphere, attracting water sports enthusiasts and families alike.
  2. Tigaki: Lose yourself in the tropical paradise of Tigaki, stretching for 10 kilometers with its golden sands and shallow waters, ideal for families and surfers seeking adventures in the open sea. The road connecting Kos Town to Tigaki is perfect for cycling enthusiasts. With its range of tourist facilities, it’s an excellent choice for group outings or those with a penchant for water sports.
  3. St Stephen: A beach that seamlessly combines natural beauty and history, St Stephen is located just a stone’s throw away from the ruins of two early Christian temples (5th-6th century). The beach offers tourist amenities and opportunities for water sports. At its heart lies the small rocky island of Kastri, adorned with the Church of St Nicholas. Found three kilometers northeast of the village of Kefalos, it can also be reached via a scenic coastal walk from Kamari Beach.
  4. Mastihari: Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Mastihari, home to one of the island’s most stunning beaches. Here, white sands meet sparkling turquoise waters, creating an idyllic landscape. With excellent water sports facilities, particularly for windsurfing enthusiasts, Mastihari offers a range of amenities. Stay until evening and witness a spectacular sunset that will leave you breathless.
  5. Paradise Beach: Indulge in the seemingly endless stretch of Paradise Beach, spanning six kilometers. Its crystal-clear waters gently wash against the shallow shelving beach, framed by palm trees and cedars, conjuring an exotic ambiance. Complete with colorful umbrellas, sunbeds, and an array of water sports amenities, this beach is renowned for its fresh fish served in its exceptional restaurants and tavernas. A visit to Paradise Beach is a must for those arriving on a ferry ticket to Kos.

Unforgettable Experiences on Kos:

  • Explore the enchanting Plaka Peacock Forest, a serene valley of pine trees created by the Italians in the 1940s. Interact with the friendly and beautiful peacocks that call this forest home, and don’t forget to bring some seeds or bread to feed them.
  • Embark on a memorable tour of Kos Town and the Asclepeion aboard the tourist train, offering a unique experience for both young and old.
  • Pause beneath the shade of the Tree of Hippocrates, a legendary plane tree opposite the Loggia Mosque. According to ancient lore, it was beneaththis magnificent plane tree, measuring an impressive 12 meters in circumference, that Hippocrates imparted his wisdom to his students.
  • Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride to the old port, where you can admire the grandeur of cruise ships, or along the palm-lined coastal road, known for its breathtaking beauty that ranks among the finest in Greece.
  • Wander through the ghost village of Haihoutes on Mount Dikeos, exploring the remnants of its stone houses. Visit the Saint Demetrius church and soak in the eerie atmosphere of the place while enjoying a Greek coffee at a traditional café.

Tantalizing Culinary Delights:

  • Quench your thirst with a refreshing kanelada, a local soft drink made from cinnamon syrup, cloves, and aromatic herbs, perfect for cooling off on a warm day.
  • Indulge your sweet tooth with preserved cherry tomatoes stuffed with almonds, a delightful treat that combines the flavors of the island.
  • Treat yourself to the local delicacies such as baklava and maeria, traditional desserts infused with honey, offering a delectable taste of Kos.
  • Sample the exquisite thyme honey from Antimachia, a golden delight that captures the essence of the island.
  • Delight in krasotyri, also known as posa, a PDO (protected designation of origin) goat or sheep cheese matured in red wine, boasting a slightly spicy flavor that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Savor the flavors of Katimeria, twisted cheese pies filled with soft mizithra cheese, fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Indulge in yiaprakia, vine or cabbage leaves stuffed with rice or minced meat, stuffed courgette flowers, and pork with bulgur wheat, all showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the island.
  • Don’t miss a visit to a traditional bakery to taste Lambropita, a round cheese pie made with fresh unsalted mizithra cheese and an abundance of eggs, and xismata, a wheat bread infused with grated cheese and aromatic herbs.

Kos invites you to embark on a journey where tradition, history, and natural wonders converge. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of architectural wonders, from ancient ruins to medieval fortresses, and experience the island’s vibrant cycling culture. Discover pristine beaches offering idyllic settings for relaxation and thrilling water sports. Uncover the island’s rich heritage through archaeological treasures and immersive experiences. And let your taste buds savor the tantalizing flavors of Kos, from refreshing beverages to delectable culinary delights. A ferry ticket to Kos will transport you to a world where the past meets the present in a truly unique and unforgettable way. More Holiday Places in Greece . Exploring Kos should be on your bucket list.

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