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Dubrovnik  beautiful view

Dubrovnik  beautiful and most visited city in the world

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the world. Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a city-state. The city is full of historical and cultural attractions, including the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Rector’s Palace, and the Walls of Dubrovnik. 

The city is also a popular tourist destination for cruise ships, with many visitors coming to take in the city’s sights and sounds. In addition to its natural beauty.

Places to go in Dubrovnik.

Pile Gate (Gradska Vrata Pile). Entrance gates of the city. It was built in the 16th century.

Stradun Street. Old Town. Stretches between the Great Onophrian Fountain (Velika Onofrijeva Fontana) built in the 15th century.

Bell Tower (Gradski zvonik u Dubrovniku). It was Built in 1444 and After the earthquake in 1667, the tower began to tilt one of the most visited places in Dubrovnik.

Franciscan Monastery (Franjevacki Samostan). Archway is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, opened in 1317.

Sponza Palace (Placa Sponza). Placa has 182 pieces of gold and silver enclosures displayed in the treasury and much more history to see.

Dubrovnik Cathedral. Built between the 12th and 14th centuries.

Church of the Holy Annunciation (Crkva Blagovesti). The church was built in 1877.

Church of St. Savior (Crkva sv. Spasa u Dubrovniku). It is rumored that women worked in heavy jobs such as carrying stones construction of the church its one of the must-sees during your visit.

Beaches to visit.

Banje Beach

Bellevue Beach 

President Beach

Sunj Beach

Copacana Beach


Dubrovnik is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars and clubs to keep visitors entertained. Dubrovnik is a city that has something for everyone, and it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Some of the well-known places are Hemingway Bar, Troubadaour Cafe, Sky Bar, and East-West right at the entrance, and the famous Buza Bar.

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