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Barbados is a small island country located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.  Known for its beautiful beaches, its rich culture, and its warm, friendly people. The country is also known for its rum production, and visitors can tour several local distilleries to learn more about this important part of Barbados’ culture. In Barbados, you will feel your spirits soar as you connect with nature the trees and flowers bloom all year round. When it comes to attractions there are amazing places to go. Barbados offers more than 80 beaches most of them recognised as the best beaches in the world.

To-do list in Barbados.

Atlantis Submarine Day Tour

Atlantis Submarine Dive Tour

Cave visiting

Wildlife Sanctuary

St.Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway

Submarine Dive

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Monkey Feeding Tour

Traditional foods.

Coo-Coo and Flying Fish.

prepared by combining a special seafood called flying fish with delicious accompaniments.

Pudding and Souse

“Pudding” can be defined as steamed sweet potato wedges, and “souse” can be defined as pieces of pickled pork sausage.

Cassava Pone

The texture of this delicious dessert, which is prepared with ingredients such as sweet potato, sugar, coconut, butter and cassava root, is quite soft. 

Night life.

Barbados is home to every kind of nightlife venue, cocktail bars, beach clubs, and rock bars. There are an abundance of bars and clubs in the St Lawrence Gap area on the south coast. On the west coast, there are a selection of more upmarket bars and cocktail loungers on First and Second Streets in the heart of Holetown. Nightlife in Barbados is very good all year round.

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